Cam and I have been friends for many years. This is why I was honored not only to be a guest at the wedding of Betsy and Cameron, but also to photograph and memorialize their unforgettable day. With its gorgeous waterfall, bridge, and lush greenery, picturesque Brandywine Manor House wedding venue provided the perfect backdrop for their amazing wedding. Betsy was a radiant bride and the photos of her and Cam perfectly captured just how much love there is between these two. Even Marley, the dog of honor, had a wonderful time. After an especially touching speech from Cam’s Dad, everyone hit the dance floor. And boy do these guys love to dance!

Congratulations to Cam and Betsy and best wishes for a bright and fun filled future!

Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0001Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0002Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0003Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0004Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0005Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0006Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0007Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0008Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0009Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0010Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0011Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0012Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0013Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0014Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0015Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0016Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0017Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0018Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0019Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0020Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0021Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0022Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0023Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0024Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0025Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0026Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0027Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0028Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0029Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0030Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0031Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0032Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0033Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0034Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0035Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0036Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0037Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0038Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0039Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0040Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0041Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0042Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0043Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0044Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0045Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0046Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0047Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0048Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0049Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0050Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0051Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0052Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0053Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0054Brandywine Manor House Honey Brook PA_0055brandywine manor house wedding 002brandywine manor house wedding 001brandywine manor house wedding

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Colleen and Rob were such a fun couple, even a little rain couldn’t dampen their wedding day. After the ceremony, held at one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen, we headed to the Lancaster train station. This location was a perfect spot for some their wedding photos since the cigar stop and the selfie station at the Booking House were a classy nod to a bygone era. Upon arriving at the Booking House wedding venue, the décor was beautiful and the wedding cake was exquisite. However, the the party really got started when their friends and family took the dance floor by storm.

Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0001Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0002Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0003Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0004Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0005OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0010Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0011OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0013OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0016Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0017Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0018Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0019Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0020Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0021Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0022Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0023Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0024Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0025Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0026Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0027OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0029Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0030OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0033Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0034Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0035Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0036Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0037Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0038OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABooking House Wedding Manheim PA_0041Booking House Wedding Manheim PA_0042Wedding Manheim PA_0043Wedding in Manheim PA 001Wedding in Manheim PA Wedding in Manheim PA_0046

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Meg and Sam are both F&M graduates. So, it was entirely appropriate for them to begin their married life at the place where it all began. Such a charming love story was captured on the lovely grounds of F&M College. From the trolley to the Lux et Lex arch, to the iconic F&M hedges, the love these two share was evident to everyone. With beautiful June weather and flowers blooming, friends and family of Meg and Sam celebrated a special day that won’t soon be forgotten. (F&M Chapel Wedding)

F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0001F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0002F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0003F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0004F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0005F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0006F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0007F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0008F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0009F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0010F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0011F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0012F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0013F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0014F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0015F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0016F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0017F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0018F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0019F&M Chapel WeddingF&M Chapel Wedding 001F&M Chapel Wedding 002F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0023F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0024F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0025F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0026F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0027F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0028F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0029FM Chapel Wedding 002F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0031FM Chapel Wedding 001F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0033F&M Chapel Wedding 005F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0035F&M Chapel Wedding 004F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0037F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0038F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0039F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0040F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0041F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0042F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0043F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0044F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0045F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0046F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0047F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0048F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0049F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0050F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0051F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0052F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0053F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0054F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0055F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0056F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0057F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0058F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0059F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0060F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0061F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0062F&M Chapel Wedding Lancaster PA_0063

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