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Lindsey & Alex 9-14-14 | Riverview County Club, Easton PA

Last month I shot a wedding in Easton at the Riverview Country Club, and it was such a perfect wedding that I couldn’t wait to blog about it:)  There were only about 70 people at this wedding, so it made for such an intimate wedding day with all the couples friends and family.  Lindsey and Alex were two of the kindest, laid back people, and were so easy to work with.  The weather had been pretty gloomy around here all week long, so it was awesome that the day turned out to be absolutely perfect for their wedding – and I absolutely LOVED the location.  Here are a few images from their day:

Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0044Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0045Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0046Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0047Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0048Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0049Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0050Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0051Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0052Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0053Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0054Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0055Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0056Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0057Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0058Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0059Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0060Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0061Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0062Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0063Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0064Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0065Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0066Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0067Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0068Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0069Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0070Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0071Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0072Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0073Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0074Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0075Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0076Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0077Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0078Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0079Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0080Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0081Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0082Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0083Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0084Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0085Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0086Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0087Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0088Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0089Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0090Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0091Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0092Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0093Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0094Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0095Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0096Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0097Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0098Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0099Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0100Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0101Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0102Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0103Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0104Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0105Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0106Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0107Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0108Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0109Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0110Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0111Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0112Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0113Riverview Golf Course Easton Pa_0114


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Lydia + Sean | Leola Village

Lydia and Sean’s wedding was one of those special days. The perfect day to be a wedding photographer.

Last year when I photographed Lydia and Sean’s Engagement Photos, I knew that I was working with an amazing couple. They were so down to earth and so awesome to work with! Obviously I was looking forward to their wedding day since we made those original images……….and their wedding did not disappoint. It was one of those days that you do not want to end. It was a day filled with laughter, tears, live music, dancing, amazing friends & family, and of course……….more laughter.

I can’t thank Lydia and Sean enough for having me as their wedding photographer. What a wonderful group of people to work with. Their friends and families treated me like I was one of the guests which made my day extremely easy and fun. Congratulations to two very genuine and amazing people!

Leola Villages Photography_0001Leola Villages Photography_0002Leola Villages Photography_0003Leola Villages Photography_0004Leola Villages Photography_0005Leola Villages Photography_0006Leola Villages Photography_0007Leola Villages Photography_0008Leola Villages Photography_0009Leola Villages Photography_0010Leola Villages Photography_0011Leola Villages Photography_0012Leola Villages Photography_0013Leola Villages Photography_0014Leola Villages Photography_0015Leola Villages Photography_0016Leola Villages Photography_0017Leola Villages Photography_0018Leola Villages Photography_0019Leola Villages Photography_0020Leola Villages Photography_0021Leola Villages Photography_0022Leola Villages Photography_0023Leola Villages Photography_0024Leola Villages Photography_0025Leola Villages Photography_0026Leola Villages Photography_0027Leola Villages Photography_0028Leola Villages Photography_0029Leola Villages Photography_0030Leola Villages Photography_0031Leola Villages Photography_0032Leola Villages Photography_0033Leola Villages Photography_0034Leola Villages Photography_0035Leola Villages Photography_0036Leola Villages Photography_0037Leola Villages Photography_0038Leola Villages Photography_0039Leola Villages Photography_0040Leola Villages Photography_0041Leola Villages Photography_0042Leola Villages Photography_0043

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Joanne + Matthew | Inn at Leola Village

I get a lot of calls to shoot small weddings and most of the time I turn them down. For some reason I felt like I instantly connected with Joanne on the phone. So when we met I knew exactly why. Matthew and Joanne are a great laid back couple who have a lot of love for each other and their families… and it shows. We had the perfect day at the Inn at Leola Village. It was personal, it was elegant and most importantly it was about the union of two people who love each other.

It might of been a small wedding but everything was just perfect and Joanne looked gorgeous.

Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0330Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0331Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0332Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0333Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0334Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0335Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0336Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0337Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0338Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0339Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0340Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0341Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0342Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0343Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0344Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0345Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0346Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0347Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0348Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0349Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0350Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0351Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0352Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0353Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0354Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0355Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0356Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0357Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0358Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0359Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0360Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0361Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0362Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0363Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0364Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0365Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0366Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0367Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0368Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0369Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0370Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0371Inn at Leola Villages Photos_0372Inn at Leola Village

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