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Commercial Photography Samples

I wanted to share just a few commercial photography photos from a couple of shoots this month. I don’t often get a chance to share these because they go straight to the client. This type of photography for me is a lot of fun and I don’t get a change to do it as much as I would like.

Some of this stuff is really hard to shoot and other is just me getting a chance to play. I have a lot more I could share but I didn’t want to bore anyone who is reading my stuff on a regular basis.

None of this stuff isn’t really Photoshopped at all. With the exception of a few touch ups, its mostly good lighting and well placed products. I did remove a clear stand out from under one of the silver platters because it was the only way I was able to get it in the shot without putting it directly on the table.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out…

Commercial Photography_0001Commercial Photography_0002Commercial Photography_0003Commercial Photography_0004


Sheraton – Commercial Photography

We recently were asked to photograph the Sheraton Great Valley hotel in Exton, PA. Commercial Photography is a very unique shoot and it take a lot of time and patience. We spent all day setting up shots that only take minutes to photograph. But I would like to thank Scott Miller for the opportunity and the help… We were all happy with the results.

Each of these images are made up of about 7 different photos that are layered together to get the right exposure for the shot. While mounted on a tripod I would take 3 photo over exposed and 3 photos underexposed and one right on. We had a computer set up that we could examine all the minuet details we needed to change.

Commercial Photography 001Commercial Photography 002

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