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Who is Ben Reeder: The Man Behind the Camera?

To start with, I have been a photographer for about 20 years and received my first camera as a high school graduation gift from my sister. For me my greatest accomplishment is not the number of weddings or photographs that I have taken throughout the years, but the endless connections with people I have made along the way. I have developed some lifelong friendships as a result of this profession.

Being a photographer has never been just about the job or profession. It is something that I am passionate about, which you will see as you view my website and depicted within my work. Photography is very dynamic and deserves a commitment as a lifelong learner. I continue to learn from each shoot because there is not one that is exactly alike. I enjoy the diversity that photography affords, which is not present in all professions.

I am given the unique opportunity to share and capture some of the most precious and intimate memories with couples and families. When I tell people what I do, people often become most intrigued that one of my specialties is wedding photography. Weddings hold a special sentiment for me. I believe each couple, who is lucky enough to find that one special person to spend a lifetime with should have photos that narrate their love story, can be shared with others, and cherished for generations.

My eye for photography and the beauty that I see behind the lens is truly a gift and an art that continues to evolve. Photography is not something that I will ever tire from because of the vast experiences that I share with others and my ongoing commitment to make a lasting imprint within this field and to build my skills, business, and brand.

I have included a photo of my wife, Allison and I because she continues to inspire my work and provides unconditional support. I was lucky enough to also find that one special person to spend a lifetime with and yes we do cherish our wedding photos. I invite you to check out my site if you have not yet and feel free to leave me a message or comment. If you are looking to hire a photographer for a wedding, engagement session, professional or family portrait please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and provide any additional information.


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My wedding photography work aims to captures the special moments of your big day in a beautiful and timeless way. I take great care to document all the details and candid moments that make your wedding day unique. My goal is to provide you with beautiful photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.


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