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Lucia + Dom | Leola PA Wedding

Lucia and Dom were such a fun-loving couple! It truly was a joy to photograph their wedding in Leola. They even took a turn at the DJ booth, cranking out some awesome tunes for their guests. The weather could not have been more beautiful and the infectious smiles of the bride and groom made shooting the wedding photos enjoyable for everyone. As day turned into night, I was able to capture an intimate evening photo that truly expresses the love and joy shared by these two. (Leola PA Wedding) Leola PA Wedding 001Leola PA Wedding 002Leola PA Wedding 003Wedding in Leola PA_0004Wedding in Leola PA_0005Wedding in Leola PA_0006Wedding in Leola PA_0007Wedding in Leola PA_0008Wedding in Leola PA_0009Wedding in Leola PA_0010Wedding in Leola PA_0011Wedding in Leola PA_0012Wedding in Leola PA_0013Wedding in Leola PA_0014Wedding in Leola PA_0015Wedding in Leola PA_0016Wedding in Leola PA_0017Wedding in Leola PA_0018Wedding in Leola PA_0019Wedding in Leola PA_0020Wedding in Leola PA_0021Wedding in Leola PA_0022Wedding in Leola PA_0023Wedding in Leola PA_0024Wedding in Leola PA_0025Wedding in Leola PA_0026Wedding in Leola PA_0027Wedding in Leola PA_0028Wedding in Leola PA_0029Wedding in Leola PA_0030Wedding in Leola PA_0031Wedding in Leola PA_0032Wedding in Leola PA_0033Wedding in Leola PA_0034Wedding in Leola PA_0035Wedding in Leola PA_0036Wedding in Leola PA_0037Wedding in Leola PA_0038Wedding in Leola PA_0039Wedding in Leola PA_0040Wedding in Leola PA_0041Wedding in Leola PA_0042Wedding in Leola PA_0043Wedding in Leola PA_0044Wedding in Leola PA_0045Wedding in Leola PA_0046Wedding in Leola PA_0047Wedding in Leola PA_0048Wedding in Leola PA_0049Wedding in Leola PA_0050Wedding in Leola PA_0051Wedding in Leola PA_0052Wedding in Leola PA_0053Wedding in Leola PA_0054Wedding in Leola PA_0055Wedding in Leola PA_0056Wedding in Leola PA_0057Wedding in Leola PA_0058Wedding in Leola PA_0059Wedding in Leola PA_0060Wedding in Leola PA_0061Wedding in Leola PA_0062Wedding in Leola PA_0063Wedding in Leola PA_0064Wedding in Leola PA_0065


Faith & Reeve | Sky Diving Wedding in Lancaster

When Faith and Reeve explained to me just how unique their wedding would be, I jumped at the  chance to capture every moment. For this adventurous bride and groom nothing says “I love you” like skydiving before the wedding ceremony. Taking the literal leap into marriage from the plane, Faith and Reeve parachuted to earth in matching jumpsuits. The depth of their love truly knew no bounds and was matched only by the beauty of the wedding after the jump. One thing I know for sure is that no matter what the future holds, this fearless couple will face it together. I wish them both many years of continued happiness. (Sky Diving Wedding in Lancaster)

Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0258Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0259Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0260Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0261Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0262Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0263Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0264Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0265Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0266Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0267Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0268Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0269Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0270Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0271Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0272Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0273Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0274Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0275Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0276Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0277Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0278Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0279Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0280Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0281Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0282Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0283Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0284Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0285Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0286Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0287Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0288Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0289Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0290Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0291Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0292Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0293Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0294Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0295Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0296Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0297Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0298Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0299Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0300Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0301Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0302Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0303Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0304Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0305Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0306Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0307Sky Diving Wedding Photography_0308


Jennifer & Kory | Historic Shady Lane Wedding

Jennifer and Kory’s wedding brought me to historic Shady Lane wedding venue. This rustic, yet elegant location was the perfect backdrop for capturing their unique wedding. With a message in bottle, beautiful rustic doors on the lawn, and a stone farmhouse from the 1800s, the fairytale feel of this wedding was truly magical. The impressive well-manicured lawns of Shady Lane allowed me to capture all of the elegance this couple dreamed of on their wedding day. On such a beautiful, sunny day, the love between Jennifer and Kory radiates from every photograph.

Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0148Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0149Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0150Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0151Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0152Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0153Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0154Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0158Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0155Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0156Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0157Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0159Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0160Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0161Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0162Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0163Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0164Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0165Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0166Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0167Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0168Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0169Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0170Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0171Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0172Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0173Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0174Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0175Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0176Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0177Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0178Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0179Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0180Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0181Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0182Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0183Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0184Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0185Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0186Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0187Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0188Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0189Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0190Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0191Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0192Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0193Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0194Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0195Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0196Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0197Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0198Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0199Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0200Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0201Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0202Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0203Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0204Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0205Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0206Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0207Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0208Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0209Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0210Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0211Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0212Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0213Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0214Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0215Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0216Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0217Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0218Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0219Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0220Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0221Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0222Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0223Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0224Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0225Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0226Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0227Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0241Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0228Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0229Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0230Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0231Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0232Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0233Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0234Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0235Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0236Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0237Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0238Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0239Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0240Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0242Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0243Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0244Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0245Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0246Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0247Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0248Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0249Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0250Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0251Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0252Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0253Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0254Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0255Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0256Historic Shady Lane Wedding Photography_0257


Sarah & Arul | Inn at Leola Wedding

With its lush greenery and colorful trees, the Inn at Leola wedding venue was a beautiful setting for Sarah and Arul’s wedding. With Sarah looking every bit the gorgeous bride, I know that Arul’s mother was relieved that he didn’t wear his beloved Eagle’s baseball cap all day. However, it did make an appearance at the reception! This was such a fun wedding to attend and capturing the love and playfulness between the bride and groom while cutting the cake was truly a joy. Arul and Sarah were such an amazing couple and I wish them all the happiness that married life can bring.

Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0093Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0094Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0095Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0096Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0097Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0098Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0099Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0100Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0101Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0102Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0103Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0104Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0105Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0106Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0107Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0108Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0109Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0110Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0111Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0112Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0113Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0114Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0115Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0116Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0117Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0118Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0119Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0120Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0121Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0122Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0123Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0124Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0125Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0126Inn at Leola Wedding 001Inn at Leola Wedding 002Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0129Inn at Leola Wedding 004Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0131Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0132Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0133Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0134Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0135Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0136Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0137Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0138Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0139Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0140Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0141Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0142Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0143Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0144Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0145Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0146Inn at Leola Spring Wedding_0147


Joan & Tony | Downingtown Country Club Wedding

Joan and Tony’s wedding brought me to the Downingtown Country Club wedding venue on a gorgeous spring day. The sky was a perfect shade of blue and the sun was shining providing a picturesque backdrop for their wedding day. I had the pleasure of previously meeting Joan because I photographed her son’s wedding. I was honored that she contacted me to photograph her and Tony’s wedding. It is easy to see what brought Joan and Tony to this special day as they radiate love to all who meet and know them. Congrats again to this lovely couple and cheers to a lifetime of happiness.

Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0032

Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0033Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0034Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0035Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0036Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0037Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0038Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0039Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0040Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0041Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0042Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0043Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0044Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0045Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0046Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0047Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0048Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0049Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0050Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0051Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0052Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0053Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0054Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0055Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0056Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0057Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0058Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0059Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0060Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0061Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0062Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0063Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0064Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0065Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0066Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0067Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0068Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0069Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0070Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0071Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0072Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0073Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0074Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0075Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0076Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0077Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0078Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0079Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0080Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0081Downingtown Country Club Wedding_0082

Tina & David | Ocean City MD Wedding Photography

I was introduced to Tina and David by a mutual friend and I quickly learned this was no ordinary couple. They asked me to photograph their wedding and were excited to share with me their idea to have a sunrise wedding in Ocean City, Maryland. I have to admit I was intrigued because the 400 plus weddings that I have photographed and 20 years in the photography business this was a first request. They clearly did their research and all of the details that went into planning a sunrise wedding including choosing the perfect spot on the beach for their ceremony and making sure all of their guests were seated by 5:30 am sharp for the ceremony to begin. Tina and David’s wish for a sunrise wedding came to fruition and allowed me to capture some amazing photos. A reason that I am so passionate about being a wedding photographer is that I continue after 20 years in this business to be given new and unique opportunities to capture lifetime memories. Cheers to Tina and David and congrats to the new couple.

Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0002Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0003Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0004Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0005Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0006Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0007Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0008Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0009Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0010Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0011Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0012Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0013Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0014Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0015Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0016Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0017Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0018Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0019Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0020Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0021Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0022Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0023Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0024Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0025Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0026Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0027Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0028Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0029Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0030Ocean City MD Beach Wedding_0031

Ocean City MD Wedding Photography

Colleen + Rob | Family Farm Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos on the Family Farm

I am swooning over these farm engagement photos! Not only are Colleen and Rob so perfectly in love, but they are both sweet and so photogenic! Seriously, they are like professional models, and we can’t wait to share all these photos with you! (Farm Engagement Photos)

We met them at Rob’s family’s farm in Lancaster, PA, on a beautiful fall Saturday evening. The farm is a gorgeous with a wood and stone barn, wheat field, and their two sweet horses. Colleen also brought her dog, Ace! Ace is a HUGE dog, and he has a super sweet and active personality. Colleen and Rob love him so much, he had to be in their engagement photos too!

During this time I got to learn a lot about them both. This “crazy-in-love” couple not only have a lot in common but both share a lot of respect for one another. I can’t wait to for this fun and kind hearted couple’s wedding day.

Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0001Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0002Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0003Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0004Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0005Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0006Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0007Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0008Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0009Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0010Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0011Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0012Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0013Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0014Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0015Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0016Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0017Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0018Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0019Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0020Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0021Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0022Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0023Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0024Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0025Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0026Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0027Farm Photos Lancaster PA_0028

Farm Engagement Photos


Angela + Kyle | Lancaster Marriot Wedding

The last time we saw Angela & Kyle was for their engagement session in March and I couldn’t believe their wedding was here already! Seriously, where has this year gone?! As Bill and I arrived at the Marriott in Lancaster, the rain clouds looked like they were moving closer. This has seemed to be a trend lately with our weddings. The forecast was calling for rain in the morning but for everything to clear out just in time for photos. The rain held off and right before the ceremony started the sun came out! It was beautiful. Once the ceremony was over we had about 30 minutes to get photos before the sun set for the day and we would run out of light. Since Angela & Kyle chose not to see each other before hand we had a lot to get done in that 30 minutes. Their family and bridal party were awesome and we got photos done in record time. I love that we were able to capture some of the changing leaves in the background of Stauffer’s Park because it went perfectly with Angela’s sweet Fall decor.

I loved meeting and getting to know Angela and Kyle. I wish you two all the best and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0101Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0102Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0103Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0104Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0105Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0106Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0107Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0108Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0109Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0110Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0111Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0112Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0113Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0114Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0115Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0116Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0117Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0118Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0119Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0120Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0121Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0122Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0123Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0124Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0125Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0126Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0127Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0128Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0129Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0130Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0131Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0132Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0133Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0134Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0135Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0136Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0137Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0138Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0139Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0140Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0141Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0142Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0143Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0144Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0145Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0146Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0147Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0148Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0149Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0150Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0151Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0152Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0153Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0154Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0155Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0156Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0157Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0158Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0159Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0160Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0161Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0162Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0163Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0164Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0165Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0166Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0167Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0168Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0169Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0170Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0171Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0172Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0173Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0174Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0175Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0176Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0177Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0178Marriot Wedding Photos Lancaster PA_0179

Lancaster Marriott Wedding



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