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Creative engagement photography by Ben Reeder Photography from Lancaster PA

Jennifer + James | Lancaster County Park Engagement Photos

So when a couple tells me by the way I also do wedding photography and videography, my response is bringing my A+ game. Potentially this can be an intimidating scenario; however, I know that I am among creative minded individuals so this gives me the green light to think outside of the box. Some of my best photography and creativity has stemmed from working with other artists like Jennifer and James. There was no nervousness present with this shoot because Jennifer and James truly appreciate all that photography captures. As you view their engagement photos, you will see their keen ability to pose naturally, which I would also describe as instinctual.

Jennifer and James chose Lancaster County Park for their engagement shoot and incredible backdrop for their photos. Honestly, they could not have chosen a more perfect weekend day of October. The lighting was perfect and the fall colors were breathtaking. They did not allow any of the foot traffic in the park to spoil their time together. Just one look at this couple’s photos, it is obvious they put the fun in anything they do together. Thanks for the enjoyable day and allowing me to capture your engagement photos.

Lancaster County Park Engagement Photos 001Lancaster County Park Engagement Photos 002Lancaster County Park_0117Lancaster County Park_0118Lancaster County Park_0119Lancaster County Park_0120Lancaster County Park_0121Lancaster County Park_0122Lancaster County Park_0123Lancaster County Park_0124Lancaster County Park_0125Lancaster County Park_0126Lancaster County Park_0127Lancaster County Park_0128Lancaster County Park_0129Lancaster County Park_0130Lancaster County Park_0131Lancaster County Park_0132Lancaster County Park_0133Lancaster County Park_0134Lancaster County Park_0135

Lancaster County Park Engagement Photos

Anne + Tim | Hershey Engagement Photography

It was really fun to met up with Tim and Anne to do their engagement photos in Hershey. Since Anne’s family lives close her parents were able to bring along their two furry children which made for a nice family photo. I really enjoyed spending  time with these two. Although Tim went to college in Texas and has his southern pride he wasn’t too proud to show off his affection for Anne. They are obviously in love and I made them kiss a lot but both were eager to comply with my requests.

I certainly had lot of fun with them and I look forward to their wedding day coming soon….Cheers, Ben

Hershey Engagement Photography_0135Hershey Engagement Photos_0136Hershey Engagement Photos_0137Hershey Engagement Photos_0138Hershey Engagement Photos_0139Hershey Engagement Photos_0140Hershey Engagement Photos_0141Hershey Engagement Photos_0142Hershey Engagement Photos_0150Hershey Engagement Photos_0143Hershey Engagement Photos_0144Hershey Engagement Photos_0145Hershey Engagement Photos_0146Hershey Engagement Photos_0147Hershey Engagement Photos_0148Hershey Engagement Photos_0149

Hershey Engagement Photography

Hershey Hotel

F&M Engagement Photos | Lancaster PA Engagement Photography

Katie & Corey – Lancaster PA Engagement Photography

This engagement shoot brought me to Franklin and Marshal College, which is a special place for Katie and Corey. F & M is Corey’s alma mater and served as the unique backdrop for this session. Katie and Corey are a funloving couple, which is evident throughout their photos. I was able to incorporate my creativity within their photos to illustrate their journey of love. The couple wanted to make sure to add their two furry friends, who were happy to provide their assistance and were very photogenic. I look forward to Corey and Katie’s upcoming wedding at Cameron Estates. Stay tuned for more photos that will capture their personal wedding day memories and this couple’s playful nature. Cheers to the engaged couple and may your wedding be everything you dreamed of and more.

Ben Reeder Photography


Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0134Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0135Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0139Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0140Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0141Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0142Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0143Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0144Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0145Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0146Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0147Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0148Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0136Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0137Lancaster PA Engagement Photography_0138Lancaster PA Engagement Photography

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

Mike is an old friend of mine from college and of course I was honored when he asked me to shoot his wedding in May. I made a trip to drive out to Pittsburgh for the day to see him and meet his fiance Cristina. We had a nice time walking about Station Square to take pictures.

Check out the results..Cheers, Ben

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography_0017Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0018Pittsburgh Engagement Photography_0019Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0020Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0021Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0022Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0023Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0024Pittsburgh Engagement Photos_0025

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

Photo Booth Rental Lancaster PA

Engagement Photos Lancaster PA

~ Engagement Photos Lancaster PA ~

Talk about a hometown couple who loves where they live and where they come from. I met Angela and Kyle for their engagement photos at Staufer’s Park in Lancaster by their request and now I know why. Angela and Kyle and her parents and her sister all live within walking distance from the park. She the park has a lot of great memories for her growing up so it was only natural to take their photos there as well.

Angela & Kyle are very sweet together and their affection made it easy for me to take photos. It might of been a little cold that day but when they looked into each others eyes all that didn’t matter.

I hope you enjoy these photos are much as I did taking them. Cheers, Ben

Engagement Photos Lancaster PA 002Engagement Photos Lancaster PaEngagement Photos Lancaster PA 003Engagement Photos Lancaster Pa 001Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0005Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0006Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0007Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0008Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0009Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0010Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0011Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0012Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0013Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0014Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0015Lancaster Engagement Photo Shoot_0016

Engagement Photos Lancaster PA

Stauffer’s Park


Fells Point Engagement Photos

I had such a great day in Fells Point shooting Melanie & Patrick’s engagement photos. This was the first time I actually met them in person. We talked on the phone and emailed a couple of time but I had no idea what to expect. So when I was running a few minutes late, I showed up and Patrick had already ordered a beer…that’s when I knew we were going to get along splendidly. We chatted a bit and shared a beer before heading out in the cold air but the weather turned out to great.

These two are a lot of fun and we really did have fun shooting that day. Patrick is a musician so we stopped at “The Horse” for a few photos and also just strolled around the area because there were so many great places to shoot. Honestly, I couldn’t take a bad photo of Melanie even if I tried but it helps they are in love. You can tell these two really love each other and it showed in the photos…

I hope they like them as much as I do…Cheers, Ben

Baltimore Engagement Photos_0023Fells Point Engagement Photos_0024Baltimore Engagement Photos_0025Fells Point Engagement Photos_0026Baltimore Engagement Photos_0027Baltimore Engagement Photos_0028Baltimore Engagement Photos_0029Baltimore Engagement Photos_0030Baltimore Engagement Photos_0031Baltimore Engagement Photos_0032Baltimore Engagement Photos_0033Baltimore Engagement Photos_0034Baltimore Engagement Photos_0035Baltimore Engagement Photos_0036Baltimore Engagement Photos_0037

Fells Point Engagement Photos

Baltimore MD