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Creative engagement photography by Ben Reeder Photography from Lancaster PA

Philadelphia Engagement Photos

When shooting engagement photos in Philadelphia you should always start at the “Love Sign”.  I met Meg & Nick in Love park and we got some great photos… and now we all have a funny story about some frat guys but I’ll let them share that one.

This was a great shoot for me because Meg and Nick were up for anything I suggested. As you can see I talked them into getting into a life-sized Monopoly wheel barrel game piece for a photo. We worked our way around the city a little and I got to know them a lot more. It’s funny, Nick said he was uncomfortable taking photo but he certainly smiled with ease when standing next to Meg. I might have only chosen a few photos for this post but there are plenty others that are just as great.  The last place we stopped was at the Art Museum because that were they got engaged. We stood in the exact spot where Nick proposed and they told me about the very touching story of how he asked.

I can’t wait to see them again very soon at their wedding…Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Ben

Philadelphia Engagement Photos_0001Philadelphia Photos_0002Philadelphia Photos_0003Philadelphia Photos_0004Philadelphia Photos_0005Philadelphia Photos_0006Philadelphia Photos_0007Philadelphia Photos_0008Philadelphia Photos_0009Philadelphia Photos_0010Philadelphia Photos_0011Philadelphia Photos_0012Philadelphia Photos_0013Philadelphia Photos_0014Philadelphia Photos_0015Philadelphia Photos_0017Philadelphia Photos_0016Philadelphia Photos_0018Philadelphia Photos_0019Philadelphia Photos_0020Philadelphia Photos_0021Philadelphia Photos_0022

 Love Park, Philadelphia PA

“Philadelphia Engagement Photos”




Engagement Photos Harrisburg Pa

I started communicating with Lydia and Sean over email but we first bonded when we agreed to meet at the Bull’s Head after I learned they both love craft beers. I found out it’s true that you can find love in “The Sweetest Place on Earth”. Lydia and Sean told me their story of how that met when they were both working at Hershey and they gave me an idea of their vision for the wedding day. We bonded quickly and planned that night that we would meet in Harrisburg to shoot their engagement photos.

Well as luck would have it the weather held out for the day that we shot in Harrisburg PA. As you can tell it’s still cold and there was still lots of ice on the river but we still ended up enjoying ourselves. We took some really cool photo inside the capital building and met some grumpy security guards at the same time. Next we made our way over to City Island when the wind picked up and it was a lot chillier but both of them were troopers. I hope they enjoy the photos as much as I liked taking them. Cheers, Ben

Engagement Photos Harrisburg PAHarrisburg Engagement Photos_0002Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0003Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0004Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0005Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0007Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0006Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0008Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0009Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0011Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0010Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0012Harrisburg Engagement Photos_0013

 Harrisburg Capital Building

“Engagement Photos Harrisburg PA”

Engagement Photos in Georgetown

“Lifelong Sweethearts” is the only way to properly describe Rebecca and Jordan correctly. That’s not even an exaggeration…they’ve literally know each other since diapers and have been together since high school. You can clearly see that it’s true love in the way act around each other.

This was the first time I actually met the couple. We spoke on the phone and exchanged emails a couple of times of course but I was excited to meet them in person. So we decided while we have such great weather that we do engagement photos in Georgetown. So after doing a little research online we found Dumbarton Oaks which has the most incredible landscaping.

So here’s the thing. We weren’t actually allowed to take professional photos on the grounds but we sweet talked our way in. Then proceeded to sneek around and take photos without security watching. We managed to be there for over an our before one last security guard gave me the “stink eye” as we were leaving.

I’m so excited to share these photos and I hope you like them enough to share. Thanks for the cookies 🙂

Engagement Photos in GeorgetownRebecca & Jordan_0002Rebecca & Jordan_0003Rebecca & Jordan_0004Rebecca & Jordan_0005Rebecca & Jordan_0006Rebecca & Jordan_0007Rebecca & Jordan_0008Rebecca & Jordan_0009Rebecca & Jordan_0010Rebecca & Jordan_0011Rebecca & Jordan_0012Rebecca & Jordan_0013Rebecca & Jordan_0014Rebecca & Jordan_0015Rebecca & Jordan_0016Rebecca & Jordan_0017Rebecca & Jordan_0018Rebecca & Jordan_0019Rebecca & Jordan_0020Rebecca & Jordan_0021Rebecca & Jordan_0023Rebecca & Jordan_0024

Engagement photos Lancaster PA

I personally got to know Jess and Cory thru my wife and we quickly became friends. Jess and Cory are a easy couple to talk to and hang out with on such a gorgeous fall day.

I find that sometimes shooting engagement photos in Lancaster can be difficult to get excited about because I’ve shot a lot of couples at the same places over and over again. So I was very happy when Jess scouted a great location at the East Lampeter Township park. I’ve never been there before and she did an awesome job because it was packed full of awesome places to shoot. The location fit their personalities and we just ended having a great time. We ended up going to several other locations that day and took our time to get a lot of great photos.

Jess and Cory are a great couple and I was honored when they choose me to be their wedding photographer. I’m looking forward to their wedding day and hanging out with them again soon…

Engagement photos Lancaster PAJess & Cory_0002Jess & Cory_0003Jess & Cory_0004Jess & Cory_0005Jess & Cory_0007Jess & Cory_0006Jess & Cory_0008Jess & Cory_0009Jess & Cory_0010Jess & Cory_0011Jess & Cory_0012Jess & Cory_0013Jess & Cory_0014Jess & Cory_0015Jess & Cory_0016Jess & Cory_0017Jess & Cory_0018Jess & Cory_0019Jess & Cory_0020Jess & Cory_0021Jess & Cory_0023Jess & Cory_0022Jess & Cory_0024Jess & Cory_0025Jess & Cory_0026

 Engagement Photos Lancaster PA

Farm Engagement Photos

“Site unseen” can be scary sometimes. Well today was the epitome of site unseen for both me and the couple I met. I was hired by Jessica and Kristian who found me thru my photo booth rental business and decided that they liked my wedding photography too and decided to hire us for both. We talked on the phone and of course exchanges emails but never met them before today. Over the phone I could tell I really liked her but I still never met the fiance….. Well I have have to say that I hit the wedding couple jack pot.

Kristian lives on a farm which has been in his family for 6 generations and you can tell he takes great pride in it and keeps up with the property and the place has a vintage feel. Jessica might be a self admitting “city girl” but she fit in right at home and can hang with any country girl in my opinion. She seems be fit right into the beautiful landscape and you can tell she loves all the animals that come with a farm house.

Kristian spent plenty of time to get the farm ready for my arrival and you could tell. He washed the tractor (which was a classic International Turbo tractor – Awesome), bundled corn stalks for decoration and weed wacked some tall grass (which ironically enough – we never used those spots). Farm engagement photos can be amazing with a little pre-planning and TLC…if he took this much time to have amazing engagement photos for Jessica he will certainly put in the work in being an amazing husband.

This couple was so great and I had an instant connection with them and their dogs – Jake (10yr old Great Dane) and Shatzie (11yr old Miniature Schnauzer – who rules the house). I’m a dog lover which was easy but these guys were so sweet…the dogs a mean. Jessica and Kristian were sweet too..but you know what I mean.

Enough about this…check out the farm engagement photos on this gorgeous property for the perfect fall day 🙂

Farm Engagement Photos 001Farm Engagement Photos 002Farm Engagement Photos 003Jessica & Kristian_0004Jessica & Kristian_0005Jessica & Kristian_0006Jessica & Kristian_0007Jessica & Kristian_0008Jessica & Kristian_0009Jessica & Kristian_0010Jessica & Kristian_0011Jessica & Kristian_0012Jessica & Kristian_0013Jessica & Kristian_0014Jessica & Kristian_0015Jessica & Kristian_0016Jessica & Kristian_0018Jessica & Kristian_0019Jessica & Kristian_0020Jessica & Kristian_0021Jessica & Kristian_0022Jessica & Kristian_0023Jessica & Kristian_0024Jessica & Kristian_0025Jessica & Kristian_0026Jessica & Kristian_0027

 Photo Booth Rental State College PA



Sample Engagement Photos

Here’s a group of sample engagement photos I’ve done over this past year. Engagement Photography is a big party of I get to know my couples know how couples interact. We end up spending about one to two hours walking around taking photos and getting to know each other better.

As you can see I love travel and get to special locations that mean something to the couples.

Hope you like them…

Havre De Grace MD Kerr Park Downingtown PATrain Station in Lancaster PA Lititz Spring Park in Lititz PA Lititz Spring ParkLititz PA Marrietta PA Nissley VineyardsNissley Vineyards in Marrietta PAPenn State Berks Engagement PhotosValley Forge Park Engagment PhotosPenn State Campus Sample Engagement PhotosState College Sample Engagement PhotosWest Chester Engagement Photos

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