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Inn at Leola Village Wedding

I think sometimes by chance your really hit is off with a Bride and Groom….and sometimes the bride makes you cookies and your REALLY hit it off with them. Well Rebecca did just that when I drove down to DC for their engagement photos. We had such a great time and she made me cookies because I drove so far to see them. So I was really excited to see Rebecca and Jordan both because they are simply just the nicest people you will ever meet.

Their wedding day was just perfect and the Inn at Leola did a fabulous job once again. I may be a little bias because I really like everyone who works there but I think the Leola Village is the best wedding venue in the area.

I really hope they enjoy their photos as much as we liked taking them….Cheers, Ben

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Alexis and Rick 5.24.14

As each of you know from my previous blogs that I thoroughly enjoy my job as a photographer, but what happens when you are asked to shoot a family member’s wedding…well…on May 24th I photographed my niece Alexis and her new husband Rick’s wedding in Richmond, Virginia and couldn’t of been more proud. I could not have asked for a more picture perfect day for a wedding where the sky seemed to be painted a crystal clear blue and the sun was positioned high in the sky. A little background about Alexis and Rick….their love story began at Virginia Tech and on Christmas Eve 2012 Rick proposed to Alexis with a custom engagement ring that he proudly designed. Soon after the engagement the whirlwind of wedding planning began and Alexis asked me if I would mind shooting her wedding instead of being a guest. I was delighted to accept the offer. People have asked me if I feel more pressure when photographing a family event and the simple answer is “No,” especially when it comes to weddings. I get the unique opportunity of illustrating beloved memories that are created on a wedding day. Of course since Alexis is my niece I made sure that I captured each of her special moments from her and Rick’s wedding day. Alexis and Rick I hope that you enjoy and treasure your photos for years to come. When you look at your wedding portraits may they continue to serve as a reminder of this phenomenal day and remind you how much you are loved by your family and friends.

Thanks for allowing me to play such a vital role and cheers to a long and happy marriage filled with endless laughter.    Uncle Ben

Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0062

Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0063Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0064Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0065Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0066Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0067Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0068Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0069Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0070Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0071Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0072Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0073Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0074Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0075Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0076Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0077Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0078Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0079Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0080Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0081Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0082Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0083Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0084Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0085Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0086Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0087Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0088Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0089Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0090Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0091Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0092Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0093Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0094Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0095Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0096Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0097Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0098Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0099Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0100Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0101Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0102Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0103Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0104Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0105Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0106Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0107Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0108Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0109Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0110Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0111Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0112Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0113Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0114Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0115Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0116Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0117Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0118Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0119Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0120Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0121Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0122Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0123Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0124Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0125Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0126Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0127Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0128Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0129Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0130Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0131Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0132Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers_0133

Wedding Photography Hershey PA

Erin & Nathan’s wedding took place in the sweetest place on earth in Hershey, PA. Their reception was held within the vast grounds of the Milton Hershey School at Purcell Friendship Hall. Erin and Nathan incorporated their love of chocolate and wine at their reception. In fact their engagement took place at a winery and their engagement photosession at Nissley Winery. Erin and Nathan continued this theme as each of the bridal party had custom wine glasses, corks served as place card holders, and wine bottles creatively displayed the table numbers and were used as centerpieces. It was important to Erin and Nathan to make sure that their guests continued to have as much fun as they did throughout the evening. They did not allow the rain to dampen their spirits.  Thank you to Erin and Nathan for putting together a fantastic wedding day. We hope you enjoy your wedding photos as much as we enjoyed capturing all of your special moments during your wedding day. Cheers to a long and happy marriage with plenty of light-hearted moments.

Cheers, Ben
Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0061Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0001Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0002Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0003Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0004Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0005Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0006Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0007Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0008Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0009Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0010Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0011Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0012Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0013Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0014Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0015Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0016Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0017Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0018Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0019Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0020Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0021Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0022Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0023Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0024Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0025Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0026Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0027Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0028Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0029Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0030Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0031Wedding Photography Hershey PA_0032Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0033Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0034Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0035Wedding Photography Hershey PA_0036Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0037Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0038Wedding Photography Hershey PA_0039Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0040Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0041Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0042Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0043Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0044Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0045Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0046purcell friendship hall_0047Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0048Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0049Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0050Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0051Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0052Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0053Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0054Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0055Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0056Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0057Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0058Hershey PA Wedding Photographers_0059purcell friendship hall_0060

Purcell Friendship Hall – Milton Hershey
Wedding Photography Hershey PA

Riverdale Manor Wedding Photos

I had the tremendous opportunity to photograph Stacy and Derek’s wedding on a beautiful and warm spring April afternoon. Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA served as the perfect backdrop and what a wonderful day. The landscape was lush and everything was in bloom with bright colors surrounding the entire event from the flowers in the bouquets to the centerpieces. I enjoy photographing weddings where the details are impeccable. Thanks to Stacy and Derek’s attention to even the smallest details; it made my job that much easier. I appreciate all of the effort and hardwork that goes into making a wedding happen. Stacy and Derek threw a wedding that will be remembered by their friends and loved ones for a long time to come. Throughout the day, Stacy and Derek beamed with excitement and joy, which was felt by all of their guests. When I photograph weddings, I always try to pull at least one unique characteristic from each wedding. For Stacy and Derek, it was the long marriages of their parents, who have certainly served as true examples for their children. Thanks again to Stacy and Derek for a great day and cheers to a long and prosperous marriage. Cheers, Ben

Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0109Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0110Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0111Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0112Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0113Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0114Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0115Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0117Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0116Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0118Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0119Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0120Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0121Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0122Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0123Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0124Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0125Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0126Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0127Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0128Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0129Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0130Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0131Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0132Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0133Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0134Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0135Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0136Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0137Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0138Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0139Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0140Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0141Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0142Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0143Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0144Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0145Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0146Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0147Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0148Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0149Lancaster PA Wedding Photography_0150riverdale manor wedding photos_0151

Riverdale Manor Wedding Photos
Lancaster PA Wedding Venues

La Massaria at Bella Vista Wedding

It was my first wedding at La Massaria at Bella Vista and I wasn’t disappointed. Such a gorgeous place and the staff was very nice. Of course,  I was excited to see Meg and Nick again after we had such a nice time together taking their engagement photo in Philly. These two are really laid backed to begin with but we got there early enough that we could take out time shooting. Everything about their wedding was perfect, Meg and Nick looked awesome, their family and friends were the best, the weather was iffy that week but ended up pristine…it was seriously one of my favorite weddings ever.

To Meg and Nick…Thanks again for allowing me to be there to document it for you. The love you have for each other is clear…and I wish you all the best for a long and happy road together.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Cheers, Ben

Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0057Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0058Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0059Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0060Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0061Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0062Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0063Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0064Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0065Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0066Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0067Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0068Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0069Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0070Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0071Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0072Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0073Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0074Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0075Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0076Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0077Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0078Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0079Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0080Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0081Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0082Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0083Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0084Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0085Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0086Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0087Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0088Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0089Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0090Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0091La Massaria at Bella_0092Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0093Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0094Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0095Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0096Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0097Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0098Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0099Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0100Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0101Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0102Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0103Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0104Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0105Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0106Wedding Photography by Ben Reeder_0107La Massaria at Bella_0108

La Massaria

Omni Hotel Philadelphia Wedding

This wedding makes me want to throw a party and it was a great break from such a cold and snowy winter we had this year. A change of pace is always a good thing and when I was asked to shoot a wedding that would be much more intimate and relaxed I jumped at the opportunity. Julie and David are such a great couple with a beautiful family which made shooting their wedding such a treat. Not only were they easygoing and happy but they were eager to give me anything that I thought might make for a better image (my favorite type of client).

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day! Cheers, Ben

Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0026Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0027Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0028Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0029Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0030Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0031Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0032Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0033Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0034Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0035Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0036Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0037Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0038Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0039Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0040Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0041Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0042Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0043Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0044Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0046Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0045Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0047Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0048Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0049Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0051Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0050Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0052Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0053Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0054Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0055Philadelphia Wedding Photos_0056Ben Reeder is the owner of Ben Reeder Photography & specializes in Wedding Photography with a very clean and timeless style. Ben enjoys espresso, cycling, and has an obsession for Penn State. Based in Lancaster PA Ben and his team travels both nationally and internationally for weddings. Those few hours when he is not working he spends with his black lab “Bella” and the love of is life Allison.

Omni Hotel Philadelphia Wedding