Let me start by saying that Rachel and Alex could not have planned a more beautiful wedding day this past December. It was also great to see the rest of Rachel’s family whom I met last December when I photographed her sister, Staci’s wedding. One of the particular aspects that I enjoy about being a photographer is when I have the opportunity to photograph several events for different family members. Rachel and Alex’s wedding took place in Philadelphia, PA at the Cescaphe Ballroom. Although there was an impending winter storm, it did not hinder their day or their guests celebrating with them. Rachel and Alex wanted to make sure that they incorporated the surrounding areas in Philadelphia into their wedding photos. Philadelphia is also their hometown so they wanted to explore some surrounding areas in style via a trolley. Rachel and Alex did not allow the cold weather to dampen their spirits which is indicative in their photos. They had fun outdoors with the snow covered landscapes within Philadelphia. We took photos around the art museum and were even able to take some shots right inside of the entryway at the art museum allowing a few moments of warmth before returning outdoors. Rachel and Alex wanted to ensure that they captured every moment as newlyweds. I commend them for taking the time to savor in these moments that will last a lifetime especially as they revisit their wedding day through their wedding photos. I should also add that the snow did not start until the ceremony began. The ceremony and reception were held at the spectacular Cascaphe Ballroom that was transformed into a winter wonderland. Not one person seemed to be preoccupied with the wintry weather outside. The guests immersed themselves in the ambiance, delicious and phenomenal food menu, and dancing with Rachel and Alex into the late evening. I want to extend a special thank you to Rachel and Alex again for choosing me to portray your wedding memories. I wish the both of you a lifetime of adventure, happiness, and laughter. Cheers, Ben Reeder

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Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding Philadelphia