“Lifelong Sweethearts” is the only way to properly describe Rebecca and Jordan correctly. That’s not even an exaggeration…they’ve literally know each other since diapers and have been together since high school. You can clearly see that it’s true love in the way act around each other.

This was the first time I actually met the couple. We spoke on the phone and exchanged emails a couple of times of course but I was excited to meet them in person. So we decided while we have such great weather that we do engagement photos in Georgetown. So after doing a little research online we found Dumbarton Oaks which has the most incredible landscaping.

So here’s the thing. We weren’t actually allowed to take professional photos on the grounds but we sweet talked our way in. Then proceeded to sneek around and take photos without security watching. We managed to be there for over an our before one last security guard gave me the “stink eye” as we were leaving.

I’m so excited to share these photos and I hope you like them enough to share. Thanks for the cookies 🙂

Engagement Photos in GeorgetownRebecca & Jordan_0002Rebecca & Jordan_0003Rebecca & Jordan_0004Rebecca & Jordan_0005Rebecca & Jordan_0006Rebecca & Jordan_0007Rebecca & Jordan_0008Rebecca & Jordan_0009Rebecca & Jordan_0010Rebecca & Jordan_0011Rebecca & Jordan_0012Rebecca & Jordan_0013Rebecca & Jordan_0014Rebecca & Jordan_0015Rebecca & Jordan_0016Rebecca & Jordan_0017Rebecca & Jordan_0018Rebecca & Jordan_0019Rebecca & Jordan_0020Rebecca & Jordan_0021Rebecca & Jordan_0023Rebecca & Jordan_0024