I personally got to know Jess and Cory thru my wife and we quickly became friends. Jess and Cory are a easy couple to talk to and hang out with on such a gorgeous fall day.

I find that sometimes shooting engagement photos in Lancaster can be difficult to get excited about because I’ve shot a lot of couples at the same places over and over again. So I was very happy when Jess scouted a great location at the East Lampeter Township park. I’ve never been there before and she did an awesome job because it was packed full of awesome places to shoot. The location fit their personalities and we just ended having a great time. We ended up going to several other locations that day and took our time to get a lot of great photos.

Jess and Cory are a great couple and I was honored when they choose me to be their wedding photographer. I’m looking forward to their wedding day and hanging out with them again soon…

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 Engagement Photos Lancaster PA