Today’s engagement shoot with Erin and Nate brought me to the picturesque grounds at Nissley Winery outside of Elizabethtown, PA. I met with Erin and Nate who had some creative ideas in mind of how they wanted to portray their love story. Engagement shoots are always enjoyable for me as a photographer because this helps me to learn the preferred style of the couple and how they interact with each other. This also gives me a glimpse into how their relationship has evolved to this exciting point in their lives as they embark on the wonderful journey of marriage. I was able to easily see what brought Erin and Nate together through the ease of this engagement shoot. Of course we included a bottle of wine that was not just a prop, but had personal significance to the couple because they were engaged at a winery. Also they incorporated their wedding colors during the shoot and had fun with the outfit changes. My motto throughout an engagement shoot is that “this should be fun and relaxed.” Erin and Nate’s playful personalities were captured throughout this shoot and set the precedence for what is to come on their wedding day. Thanks Erin and Nate for providing me with a great shoot with an amazing couple and splendid scenery.