“Site unseen” can be scary sometimes. Well today was the epitome of site unseen for both me and the couple I met. I was hired by Jessica and Kristian who found me thru my photo booth rental business and decided that they liked my wedding photography too and decided to hire us for both. We talked on the phone and of course exchanges emails but never met them before today. Over the phone I could tell I really liked her but I still never met the fiance….. Well I have have to say that I hit the wedding couple jack pot.

Kristian lives on a farm which has been in his family for 6 generations and you can tell he takes great pride in it and keeps up with the property and the place has a vintage feel. Jessica might be a self admitting “city girl” but she fit in right at home and can hang with any country girl in my opinion. She seems be fit right into the beautiful landscape and you can tell she loves all the animals that come with a farm house.

Kristian spent plenty of time to get the farm ready for my arrival and you could tell. He washed the tractor (which was a classic International Turbo tractor – Awesome), bundled corn stalks for decoration and weed wacked some tall grass (which ironically enough – we never used those spots). Farm engagement photos can be amazing with a little pre-planning and TLC…if he took this much time to have amazing engagement photos for Jessica he will certainly put in the work in being an amazing husband.

This couple was so great and I had an instant connection with them and their dogs – Jake (10yr old Great Dane) and Shatzie (11yr old Miniature Schnauzer – who rules the house). I’m a dog lover which was easy but these guys were so sweet…the dogs a mean. Jessica and Kristian were sweet too..but you know what I mean.

Enough about this…check out the farm engagement photos on this gorgeous property for the perfect fall day 🙂

Farm Engagement Photos 001Farm Engagement Photos 002Farm Engagement Photos 003Jessica & Kristian_0004Jessica & Kristian_0005Jessica & Kristian_0006Jessica & Kristian_0007Jessica & Kristian_0008Jessica & Kristian_0009Jessica & Kristian_0010Jessica & Kristian_0011Jessica & Kristian_0012Jessica & Kristian_0013Jessica & Kristian_0014Jessica & Kristian_0015Jessica & Kristian_0016Jessica & Kristian_0018Jessica & Kristian_0019Jessica & Kristian_0020Jessica & Kristian_0021Jessica & Kristian_0022Jessica & Kristian_0023Jessica & Kristian_0024Jessica & Kristian_0025Jessica & Kristian_0026Jessica & Kristian_0027

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