I had such a great day in Fells Point shooting Melanie & Patrick’s engagement photos. This was the first time I actually met them in person. We talked on the phone and emailed a couple of time but I had no idea what to expect. So when I was running a few minutes late, I showed up and Patrick had already ordered a beer…that’s when I knew we were going to get along splendidly. We chatted a bit and shared a beer before heading out in the cold air but the weather turned out to great.

These two are a lot of fun and we really did have fun shooting that day. Patrick is a musician so we stopped at “The Horse” for a few photos and also just strolled around the area because there were so many great places to shoot. Honestly, I couldn’t take a bad photo of Melanie even if I tried but it helps they are in love. You can tell these two really love each other and it showed in the photos…

I hope they like them as much as I do…Cheers, Ben

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Fells Point Engagement Photos

Baltimore MD