Lydia and Sean’s wedding was one of those special days at Leola Village. The perfect day to be a wedding photographer.

Last year when I photographed Lydia and Sean’s Engagement Photos, I knew that I was working with an amazing couple. They were so down to earth and so awesome to work with! Obviously I was looking forward to their wedding day since we made those original images……….and their wedding did not disappoint. It was one of those days that you do not want to end. It was a day filled with laughter, tears, live music, dancing, amazing friends & family, and of course……….more laughter.

I can’t thank Lydia and Sean enough for having me as their wedding photographer. What a wonderful group of people to work with. Their friends and families treated me like I was one of the guests which made my day extremely easy and fun. Congratulations to two very genuine and amazing people!

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