So when a couple tells me by the way I also do wedding photography and videography, my response is bringing my A+ game. Potentially this can be an intimidating scenario; however, I know that I am among creative minded individuals so this gives me the green light to think outside of the box. Some of my best photography and creativity has stemmed from working with other artists like Jennifer and James. There was no nervousness present with this shoot because Jennifer and James truly appreciate all that photography captures. As you view their engagement photos, you will see their keen ability to pose naturally, which I would also describe as instinctual.

Jennifer and James chose Lancaster County Park for their engagement shoot and incredible backdrop for their photos. Honestly, they could not have chosen a more perfect weekend day of October. The lighting was perfect and the fall colors were breathtaking. They did not allow any of the foot traffic in the park to spoil their time together. Just one look at this couple’s photos, it is obvious they put the fun in anything they do together. Thanks for the enjoyable day and allowing me to capture your engagement photos.

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Lancaster County Park Engagement Photos