As each of you know from my previous blogs that I thoroughly enjoy my job as a photographer, but what happens when you are asked to shoot a family member’s wedding…well…on May 24th I photographed my niece Alexis and her new husband Rick’s wedding in Richmond, Virginia and couldn’t of been more proud. I could not have asked for a more picture perfect day for a wedding where the sky seemed to be painted a crystal clear blue and the sun was positioned high in the sky. A little background about Alexis and Rick….their love story began at Virginia Tech and on Christmas Eve 2012 Rick proposed to Alexis with a custom engagement ring that he proudly designed. Soon after the engagement the whirlwind of wedding planning began and Alexis asked me if I would mind shooting her wedding instead of being a guest. I was delighted to accept the offer. People have asked me if I feel more pressure when photographing a family event and the simple answer is “No,” especially when it comes to weddings. I get the unique opportunity of illustrating beloved memories that are created on a wedding day. Of course since Alexis is my niece I made sure that I captured each of her special moments from her and Rick’s wedding day. Alexis and Rick I hope that you enjoy and treasure your photos for years to come. When you look at your wedding portraits may they continue to serve as a reminder of this phenomenal day and remind you how much you are loved by your family and friends.

Thanks for allowing me to play such a vital role and cheers to a long and happy marriage filled with endless laughter.    Uncle Ben

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