Live Stream Your Wedding!

Connect with family and friends on your wedding day! Live Stream Lancaster exists to connect the most important people in your life on the most important day of your life. Live Stream Wedding offers a unique kind of videography service in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas. Understanding that not all loved ones may be able to attend a couple’s wedding, our service helps to bring everyone together to enjoy the special day. Not only will we live stream your wedding but we will also record your wedding in HD for you to download after the event. You will walk away with the recording of your wedding and also a link to share your wedding Livestream with family and friends.

The Live Streaming includes:

  • A private link for your virtual guests
  • Invite as many guests as you would like with unlimited views and no extra charges
  • Link to your ceremony is accessible wherever your guest resides including international
  • Even if your loved one missed your ceremony in “real-time” there is the option to re-play it at a later time
  • A professional operator will start broadcasting approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your ceremony
  • Unlimited time allotted for broadcasting your ceremony
  • A virtual guestbook so that guests can leave you a congratulatory message
  • Free download of your entire wedding ceremony following the event

We look forward to making your wedding day as special as you dreamed of allowing all of your guests to be present no matter the circumstance.

Pricing ranges from $300-800 depending on date, location, and length of streaming!

Your Ceremony Streamed in HD to UNLIMITED Guests – From Processional to Recessional. Up to 60 minutes of live coverage (of your Ceremony only) to an UNLIMITED number of guests anywhere in the world.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming – Not everyone watching will have the same internet speed right? Our service provides adaptive bitrate streaming to allow those with mediocre speeds to still watch at a reduced quality while those with a strong signal can watch in crystal clear HD.

Dedicated Webpage – we provide a dedicated web page for just your live stream giving your viewers easy access to the live stream.

Guest Backup – Let’s say your guests have internet trouble from wherever they’re at, or they missed your wedding entirely. Not to worry. We record every live stream so we can post it online immediately following the conclusion of your Ceremony, so your guests can watch it all over again and not miss a thing.

Digital Copy of Your Ceremony – We’ll export a digital master of your Ceremony so you can have the FULL, high-res copy forever.

Webpage Dashboard Example:

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Live Stream Wedding Dashboard