When shooting engagement photos in Philadelphia you should always start at the “Love Sign”.  I met Meg & Nick in Love park and we got some great photos… and now we all have a funny story about some frat guys but I’ll let them share that one.

This was a great shoot for me because Meg and Nick were up for anything I suggested. As you can see I talked them into getting into a life-sized Monopoly wheel barrel game piece for a photo. We worked our way around the city a little and I got to know them a lot more. It’s funny, Nick said he was uncomfortable taking photo but he certainly smiled with ease when standing next to Meg. I might have only chosen a few photos for this post but there are plenty others that are just as great.  The last place we stopped was at the Art Museum because that were they got engaged. We stood in the exact spot where Nick proposed and they told me about the very touching story of how he asked.

I can’t wait to see them again very soon at their wedding…Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Ben

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 Love Park, Philadelphia PA

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