I had the tremendous opportunity to photograph Stacy and Derek’s wedding on a beautiful and warm spring April afternoon. Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA served as the perfect backdrop and what a wonderful day. The landscape was lush and everything was in bloom with bright colors surrounding the entire event from the flowers in the bouquets to the centerpieces. I enjoy photographing weddings where the details are impeccable. Thanks to Stacy and Derek’s attention to even the smallest details; it made my job that much easier. I appreciate all of the effort and hardwork that goes into making a wedding happen. Stacy and Derek threw a wedding that will be remembered by their friends and loved ones for a long time to come. Throughout the day, Stacy and Derek beamed with excitement and joy, which was felt by all of their guests. When I photograph weddings, I always try to pull at least one unique characteristic from each wedding. For Stacy and Derek, it was the long marriages of their parents, who have certainly served as true examples for their children. Thanks again to Stacy and Derek for a great day and cheers to a long and prosperous marriage. Cheers, Ben

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