As a photographer, I have the exciting opportunity to make connections with all types of people and often friendships have developed as a result.  It is not every day that I am asked to not only shoot a friend’s wedding, but also when it is the wedding of one of your best friend’s brothers whom I have known for over 10 years. Anthony contacted me and asked if I would shoot Gina and he’s wedding because they did not feel that there was a wedding photographer in the Pittsburgh area, who could accurately portray their wedding day visions. Of course I was flattered that they would contact me to be their wedding photographer and I did not hesitate to say yes.

Traveling to Pittsburgh and being able to shoot a wedding among friends and by the way Steelers fans are added bonuses. Shooting a friend’s wedding is an obvious benefit, but as a photographer and an area that I highly pride myself is my consistent ability to ensure that there is a transparency in each picture I take. Equally as important that I meet a couple’s expectations and narrate their wedding day from beginning to end. Thank you to Anthony and Gina for asking me to be your wedding photographer and allowing me to share this special day with you. I hope that your wedding photos illustrate memories that last a lifetime. I wish both of you a marriage filled with endless adventures, laughter, and love.

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