If you’re researching photographer for your wedding, you’ve probably heard the term “flush mount” wedding albums. If you’re like most bride and grooms, you re not quite sure what it means.

We offer flush mount albums for all our finished wedding album packages. Flush mount albums have hard covers with thick, unbending pages. They consist of photographic prints that were dry-mounted on cardboard. The covers are mostly made of leather, leatherette or Glass. The photos lay completely flat and extend across the whole page. Flush mount albums are usually designed in magazine-style. We use them  most for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries due to the fact that they are produced of a higher quality and are more expensive to produce than coffee table books.

Flush mount albums get their name from their difference with traditional “matted” albums. In flush mounts, the entire page is a photographic print that runs edge to edge or “flush” with the borders or each page.¬† These prints are commonly a matter finish and are printed with the same exacting color, ink and archival paper standards or fine art prints. Basically you have museum quality prints mounted and bound in a book that will become your new family’s first heirloom.

Below is a gallery of one of my recent client’s albums.

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