Erin & Nathan’s wedding took place in the sweetest place on earth in Hershey, PA. Their reception was held within the vast grounds of the Milton Hershey School at Purcell Friendship Hall. Erin and Nathan incorporated their love of chocolate and wine at their reception. In fact their engagement took place at a winery and their engagement photosession at Nissley Winery. Erin and Nathan continued this theme as each of the bridal party had custom wine glasses, corks served as place card holders, and wine bottles creatively displayed the table numbers and were used as centerpieces. It was important to Erin and Nathan to make sure that their guests continued to have as much fun as they did throughout the evening. They did not allow the rain to dampen their spirits.  Thank you to Erin and Nathan for putting together a fantastic wedding day. We hope you enjoy your wedding photos as much as we enjoyed capturing all of your special moments during your wedding day. Cheers to a long and happy marriage with plenty of light-hearted moments.

Cheers, Ben
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Purcell Friendship Hall – Milton Hershey
Wedding Photography Hershey PA